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Game: klondike
Game #: 1241633575

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i want to change my user name


  • please change to sisel. thank you

  • please change my user name to sisel instead as posted my email address

  • as above

  • kat14kat14 REGISTERED
    edited June 3

    You've asked about this multiple times and people have been responsive as you have received multiple answers. Have you checked the previous posts? Probably the most relevant was on May 28 from binky3:
    @sisal.....this is the name that already shows to be your user name. The e-mail name is not showing as your user name. If sisal is what you want that is what you've got.

  • Hi guys . I don't know if I'm correct , God forgive that could ever happen , but the way I see it he ( she ) wants the name changed from sisAl to sisEl , maybe ??

  • Maybe this individual should try reading his posts for responses instead of expecting others to fix his problems. Maybe?

  • kat14kat14 REGISTERED

    I totally missed the spelling difference. The first posts were asking to change from the email to the other name, which is sometimes "sisel" and sometimes "sisal" -- so who knows what is wanted.

  • Why are inappropriate usernames allowed?

  • If there is an "inappropriate" name, private message @David or @Jim and they will take care of it. They do not monitor this site 24/7 (they both have jobs and families) and depend on us to let them know if/when there is a problem. -- And we're glad to do it in order to have this awesome free site!

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