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  • There are almost ten billion of each game on Green Felt. On the far right, of the row of buttons above the cards, you'll see a game number. Click on that, delete the number that's there, and enter any number you want from 1 to 9,999,999,999 (without the commas), and press enter on your device, to get any any game you want.

    @ffej Is that what you wanted to know?

    Can someone check my "math" on the highest game number available, please?

  • The largest number that will give you a unique game appears to be 2^31-1 or 2147483647. You can enter a larger number, but the games "wrap", i.e. 2147483648 will give you the same game as 1 (I think. I haven't checked every card in a deal). You can also use -1 and -2 (I think). These give special layouts possibly for testing purposes.

    It's also possible that the games start to repeat at a smaller value than the one I gave. I haven't checked.

  • Thanks @Arborist ! So, a couple of billion games of each kind, then? That should be enough for anyone. :D

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