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Game: freecell
Game #: 949138750

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I'd really like to see an option (check box?) to only show stats for players who actually "win" each game. In other words, don't show me any stats for those who don't place all 52 cards. It'd be really interesting to see where I stand statistically when compared to others who have "won" the game on their first try. I try to do it fast, but the most important thing to me is to actually "win" each game on the first attempt - no matter how long it takes!



  • On another trend: It would be nice to differentiate the speedy connections to the other types of completions. I see 100 moves in 2 seconds as an example. I cannot do it in my world unless I install a different system. It change the happiness to complete in a good time. Three minutes and under are more like it...Just saying. Have fun!

  • Have a tournament to add times for all games won on first try, penalize for games not completed.

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