God is Good

He is doing something right now. :)


  • DeusExMachinaDeusExMachina REGISTERED
    edited May 4

    Assuming you’re on about the SCOTUS news…
    Yeah, we’ll see. Beware unintended consequences.
    If she’s on her game, God is considering how to end McConnell—and not just his time in the Senate.

  • Too bad he/she hasn't done more about the atrocities in Ukraine, the millions of people starving across the world, young girls forced into marriage, human trafficking, refugees from climate disasters and wars, people brutalized for their religious beliefs, people tortured and imprisoned for speaking out about their authoritarian leaders, impoverished people dying for lack of health care, neglected children and animals...you know, all the stuff that doesn't rile politicians up.

  • OK, back to not reading the discussion. Enjoy your fantasy.

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