Spider doesn't update scores

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Unlike the other games, Spider doesn't update high scores after 12 hours or so. Other games update as soon as they are completed. Spider does update when brand new games are uploaded, but not "the next day", before the next new game is uploaded.


  • @TortoiseK I’m not sure what you mean by “update high scores. Can you elaborate?
    If you’re talking about loading a new game of the day, are you by chance leaving a browser tab open to Spider, then coming back the next day and hitting Game of the Day? I ask because in that case Green Felt does not update to the new game of the day. To force it to update, you either have to switch to another game and then come back to Spider or just start fresh in a new browser tab. Not use if that’s by design or if David and Jim have any control over it, but that’s the way it is.

  • I will troubleshoot as suggested. What I meant was…
    I'll play in the afternoon (my time) soon after the leader board is reset. My scores are always shown in the games I play, even outside the Top 10. If I come back the next day, before the scores are reset, and get a higher score, say in the Top 10, Spider will/did not show the new score, Top 10 or not. Other games played at that same session (before scores are reset) do show the new scores.
    The question is, how does Greenfelt know there was a (my) new (Spider) score, and then proceed to update the leader board.
    BTW, super job with the games/website!

  • p.s.: I should make clear that in my examples I always select the game to play from the leader board link, which is, or should be, the same as selecting "game of the day". Regardless, Spider seemed to be updating differently from other games.

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