Can offensive names be removed?

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Someone with the name “jerk mehov” is playing.


  • What does it really matter? Why is everyone so offended by everything?


    Ah yes, our Australian fried that loves dirty pun names. Thanks for the report.

  • @vanman81: my take is that it’s not so much about offended or scandalized as it is about respect for others, especially in a public place among strangers. Behavior that is fine in one context—like among friends over the poker table—is obnoxious say in a restaurant, on a bus, or in church. People who come to a site like this and pick a user name designed to offend are trolls. Granted that reasonable people can disagree about whether a given alias crosses the line, but that doesn’t mean anything goes.

  • @DeusExMachina well spoken "respect for others, especially in a public place among strangers"

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