Hopeless issues

I'm wondering if we have a hacking issue with the Hopeless scores. Or am I missing something? the replay name over and over. In any case, still looking for that GOTD button instead of going through the leaderboard. But, hey, it's all available one way or another. Thanks for being there.


  • No hacking involved in filling up the Hopeless daily board. It is simply an expression of frustration and disdain that day after day after day after day a few players fill up that board by replaying 2 or 3 games that were discovered months or years ago. And they’re not even posting respectable scores! Seriously, what’s the bloody point?!!?!??
    So sometimes, once the Replay Club has loaded up the board with stale mediocrity, I knock them all off by posting 10 high scores. That takes me all of two minutes.

  • Well done, I find it frustrating as well. And, now that I know what you are up to, it's even more interesting.

  • Perhaps these older 'known solution' games could be retired? Solve the problem. They could be un-retired in a few months when connections to them are lost.

  • I would agree. Retire the 'oldies" and let some fresh games in

  • You can play other games any time you want.

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