stop the automatic and double flitting of cards. Let us decide what goes where and when.

Stop the outmatic feature I will decide what goes where and when not your computer. UNDERSSTOOD.

Kalevipoeg ( ants


  • PtownpapaPtownpapa REGISTERED
    edited October 29

    "widout yer gunsels and poistoleros you're nuttin!" Stanley Kowolski UNDERSTOOD

  • If you click ONLY on the card you want to move, auto is NOT implemented.
    It's when you click on the background or a card that is down the pile that the automatic play takes over.

  • AND you can "UNDO" the move and move the cards the way you want or just move only the ones that annoy you.
    Yes it adds moves and time to your score - learn to play with the "super moves", they are part of the game and the reason for some of the phenomenal low scores. OR just be annoyed.

  • Why not just have a button you can push at any time to complete the entire game? It woud certainly protect players from a lot of aggravation and thinking.

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