Maybe the stars align?

Hello, I have a question, does anybody who plays more than one of the GOTD options regularly notice that from time to time they do very well (or maybe very badly) in their selection of games on a particular day? Today seems to be one of my good days, as I started to write this I am actually first on the Player of the Day list. I have no illusions, it won't last very long, I've probably dropped off the list completely already. I'm just bemused as to why this extreme variation in success can occur. Mostly I'm a mediocre player so I wonder if anyone else has experienced this phenomenon?


  • Yes. Every now & then. Not necessarily GOTD. Like the day I ran the decks, twice in 3 games, in 40 Thieves; top 10 of Seahaven Towers game after game (by count, not time.) Hmmmm? Quit while I'm ahead. Then back to so-so to better than average. I think everybody has a winning streak now & again.

  • If you play when the "day" turns over, then you may be one of the first to play that game of the day. I usually am on the board for as much as 5 minutes when the day turns over. It is at 8pm EDT in my area and will change Sunday night to 7PM DST day light standard time on the east coast. Don't know where you live, but you can figure out when the day turns at your location. If I play at any other time, I rarely get to the top ten.

  • Indeed, @Fireweed, you are right about the timing of playing being a factor that can provide the most gratifying, albeit temporary, placing on the GOTD leader board. I don't usually start playing until most of the leader boards for the 8 games I choose to play are full with the first 10 players and there are still occasions when I manage to do well in a considerable proportion of these games. This is, almost always, a temporary appearance in the top ten but it is the fact that it can occur across several different games on a particular day that intrigues me. It is reasonably rare, I have to say, and it is matched by the days when I have spectacularly bad scores across the same selection of games. Almost all the time I have a mixed bag of outcomes, with reasonable scores in some (not in the top ten though) and poor scores in others - hence my reference to the alignment of heavenly bodies for the rare good and bad days.

  • Ahhhhh, I see. I believe I have more tunnel vision than is required for "alignment of stars" purposes lol :D

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