First time not fastest time

I have it checked, I can still see multiple scores per some players. Am I misinterpreting the feature? Just curious, I've played this for years and decided to ask...risking potential admonishment. :)


  • @VaxPassport I admire your bravery but I do suggest putting on your shield of armor. I have decided that I am better off staying in the dark.

    I can't figure out either what "first time not fastest time" means either. I don't think it means however what it implies(at least in my mind). Hopefully Jim/David will give you an answer. I too am curious.

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    VaxPassport, i applaud ur bravery as well, and would also like clarification about this feature .. .. .. i have played many games with it checked and un-checked but can't see a difference, thanks for bringing it up :)


    Here's how that works:
    Lets pretend you are playing Freecell.
    1. You play a game and score 30 points.
    2. You play a game and win and it takes you 5 minutes
    3. You think, "I can play faster than that!" and replay the game and it takes you 2 minutes to win
    4. You try one more time and win in 50 seconds.

    No matter which way the checkbox is marked, only 2 of your scores will show up in the high score table: the 30 point game and one of the 52 point games.
    If the "show first time and not fastest" is checked then your 52 point game will be the 5 minute one (since it was your first).
    If it's unckecked, then your 52 point game will be the 50 second one (since it was your fastest).

    There is one other consideration and that is that ties will always be shown. That is more or less a bug in our database query and at some point we will try to fix it.

  • just to be clear, with this feature checked "player" would only mean me and not the other people who have played that specific game, yes? no?

  • Thanks, I try to only play each game once (But I sometimes switch computers and the browser doesn't remember) I thought I could see other player's first attempt only that way. Thanks David


    It affects every player on the high score table.

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