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Game: freecell
Game #: 511263607

What would you like to see?

When there's no move, give a hint if there is a move.



    The way I'd approach it is to give a clear indication when there are zero valid moves available (other than undo). I've never added it because I'm not sure where to convey this info. But it would be very useful to know, especially in games like Scorpion and Yukon where deciding that you're stuck is a challenge (though not a particularly interesting one).

  • zudensternenzudensternen REGISTERED
    edited July 19

    How about to the right of the game name? Either top or second row depending on responsive width. There's always green space there to the right. Could be just "No More Moves," only appearing when that condition applies.

  • If Auto-Finish won't make a move, I take that as a sign that I'm out of moves.

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