New freecell statistics: annoyingly bad

Game: freecell
Game #: 1665718132

What would you like to see?

Please go back to the old way of presenting data, or at lease include that information in your results summaries.


  • Pray tell, what exactly is your objection?

  • There is no way to distinguish what it actually means. You cannot tell where you stand, overall, except for some sort of subset that is not defined.

  • The subset is defined: you placed Nth out of all signed-in players who have started to play the game. Note that the total includes un-completed games. That is, if a given player restarts the game 9 times before finishing, that would add 10 to the total.
    Keep this in mind when assessing your rank. Take the current Freecell game of the day, of the 3867 total plays, only 871 have finished the game. I suspect that most of 3000 un-completed games were by players who restarted several times before eventually solving it.

    The bottom line: the data is muddy. But it was much muddier before because anonymous players were included in the total number but not in the ranking.

  • @DeusExMachina Excellent explanation.

    @woggie +1 for coming back to the forum and reading the reply.

  • Kudos to both!

  • Yes, when I saw my scores in the new format, my first thought was that I had a brain could I not be in the top half of 1%??? And..where are all the players??? After noticing what had happened, I quickly adjusted to the new results. And, I find myself scoring better, over time. (Which may be because some players left). In the end, if I'm within a mile of BonnieBones, I feel good. And, knowing that if you are here, you are addicted and you will be back.

  • Maybe it will encourage some of the anonymous players to register a name, when they see how well they’re doing.

  • I wish my game would be saved when I leave the sight

  • I play anonymously because I don't care how I'm doing. I forget the game the minute I win it. I don't want a permanent, semi-permanent or even temporary record. I play totally for fun. I don't care how fast I go-how many moves it takes. I just play and move on. So, change the scoring-don't change the scoring. I won't notice. I promise.

  • barzonymous...amen to that. :)

  • Your placement relative to other players is a measure of your intelligence. To some, that is important, to others it isn't.

    Regardless, it is not possible to determine the total # of other players, and the information cannot be found. It is incongruous with the previous statistical summary.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited May 7

    It's not intelligence-it's an ability to play a game. Some people are good at cards and some are not. And it depends on the game. Really. Intelligence-ha!

    Uncheck the anonymous option and all your trouble and anonymous will vanish.

  • I agree with barzonymous! Besides, you will never know your true position because it's always changing as more and more people play the game. Just sit there a few minutes after each game and flip back and forth between "moves" and "time" and you can see how quickly it changes. Just enjoy playing the game -- after all, that's what it is -- A GAME, and supposed to be FUN. A time-waster, not a life-event.

  • I'm getting a tad weary of certain people Anon-shaming.

    @kat14 is right. It's a game-not life.

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