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What would you like to see?


  • PC runs in both directions. While I will admit my old name could have been non pc so I changed it to be pc. Now I see all sorts of anti Trump and anti republican names being used in the game, fairs fair, can’t we all be grown up?

  • I keep it apolitical—until a pro-trump/anti-Biden clown shows up on the Top 10 list (Freecell), at which point a break out a can of partisan whoop-@$$.

  • Love your four legged baby, we lost our girl last year during COVID, adding to a terrible year yes and then the steal to finish it off. Have a couple of trips planned so on the last one in October will be looking for our new fur baby.

  • ArboristArborist REGISTERED
    edited May 4

    A few months back I asked my older child if they ever looked at news sources with a political slant they disagreed with. Their response: “Why would I want to do that?”

    Soooo much of what is wrong with the country explained right there. :(

  • terregmaterregma REGISTERED
    edited May 4

    I got out of journalism (I used to be a newspaper reporter) back in 1994 because I already hated the political and personal agendas that were creeping into our "news". Started working with folks who we now call "Special Needs" individuals. I'm not sorry. And I've never looked back. Oh, and BTW, many of the folks I've been privileged to work with are better people than what society calls "mainstream" or "normal". Guess I've been a blessed woman.

  • @kansaswinds: Sorry to hear about your dog and that you’re under the illusion that the election was stolen. The rational world will welcome you back with open arms if you manage to find your way out.

  • howdy kansas, sorry to say but "no" we cant all be grown ups, well, not all at the same time anyway .. .. .. btw, if an election was stolen, then that makes y'all even, remember "dangling chads" 🙀

  • The election was not stolen. Period.

  • speaking of dogs .. .. ..

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