Nope, just pointless skill and a tiny bit of practice. But thanks for compliment!

Some lost soul has accused me of cheating. By way of user name: 'Cheating deus.' With the brilliantly witty 'DeusEx Can't Play' thrown in for good measure.

As rebuttal, I offer into evidence this video showing me winning the game in 11 seconds, 4 seconds off my best time of 7 seconds. Note that I first beat the game at 5:01pm with a time of 24 seconds, and the 7 second record is timestamped 5:10pm. So it took me all of 10 minutes to come up with a fast solution, practice it a few times, and book a pretty good time.

Lest this sad, sore loser fancies that he achieved something by poking me, guess again. I take it as a compliment that some think such fast times require some type of unspecified cheating. And I welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that it can be done totally legitimately.


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