How can a player win a game in 6 saconds?

I have been playing for a long time and usually win the game, but to do it in less than 30 seconds seems unreal to me.


  • Hi @Rivergarden that’s a frequently asked question and not surprisingly because some of the winning times are really fast. The answer is practise and understanding how super moves operate for certain games. Check out the ‘show rules’ tab above the game page, use the forum search function to find the answer to similar queries and check out this FAQ link.

  • I am not sure about this but I think some people will play the game several times until they have figured out the moves so they know the moves to make when they sign in. I think how anyone approaches the game will depend on their motives for playing. I just use it to occupy some of my free time now that I stay at home much more. That and I have never really been very competitive. Well I will brain just doesn't work as fast as it used to.

    I did try the super moves once...I just couldn't keep up and felt out of control so I gave up on using those.

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