How can someone get a score of 54?

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In game 708143322 of freecell someone got a score of 54. How is that possible?
I can imagine a layout of cards that could get a low score of 52 (e.g. each card has to move at least once), but the layout of game 708143322 has too many aces buried to achieve a score of 54. Thanks!


  • I believe that in freecell a supermove is counted as one move no matter how many cards are actually moved.

  • Hi Arborist, I thought that might be the answer but when I asked about how super moves count fingsaint replied with the following:

    "I think it counts all the cards moved because I just tried it on this free cell game.

    Game #: 1782790097
    I clicked the Queen of Spades at the top of the fourth column which caused a super move of all the cards in that column. That was the only click I made, then clicked the ‘give up‘ button and the score table told me I had one point after seven moves."

    So, my original question remains.

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