Solving Speeds

What is the secret to solving some of the games in less than 30 seconds?


  • Practice.

  • DeusExMachinaDeusExMachina REGISTERED
    edited October 8

    Yes, and...

    Super Moves

    You can use super moves to make your game playing more efficient. Clicking or dragging a card that isn't immediately accessible will attempt to move all the cards above it in its stack until the move is valid. The effect will be the same as clicking each card. If you cancel the drag or undo the move, all the cards will go back to where they were.

    Dragging a card or cards to the middle of a stack will attempt to move all the cards above the destination out of the way. The effect is the same as clicking each card. To see where the cards will move, hold the dragged card(s) at the destination for a second. If you decide to move the dragged card(s) somewhere else, just drag them there and the other cards will go back to where they were. Undoing the move will also move the cards back.

    If you drag a card or cards to the middle of a stack and the cards that move away would be valid to move back on top of the dragged card(s), then they'll slide out of the way and let you just slip the card(s) in.

    [from the rules for Freecell. Look for the Rules link in the button bar above each game.]

  • correct.......super moves helps in most games....but in some games for instance im still seeing super fast times for instance "Canfield".

  • Does a super move count as one move or does it count the number of cards that are moved?

  • fingsaintfingsaint REGISTERED
    edited November 15

    Hi @Strombus I think it counts all the cards moved because I just tried it on this free cell game.

    Game #: 1782790097

    I clicked the Queen of Spades at the top of the fourth column which caused a super move of all the cards in that column. That was the only click I made, then clicked the ‘give up‘ button and the score table told me I had one point after seven moves.

  • Thank you very much!

  • Dear Fingsaint, This returns me to my original question - in game 708143322 Rodford has only 54 moves to get a score of 52. How is this possible (I can imagine a theoretical layout that would give such a low score, but not this one)? Thank you very much for any insight.

  • fingsaintfingsaint REGISTERED
    edited November 15

    Hi @strombus sadly, my insight into the game of free cell is sorely limited, I’m lucky if I manage to finish a game in under two minutes. @DeusExMachina is the talented pundit in all matters free cell, he might be able to shine a light on your query.

    Good luck!

  • Would Jim/David tell us how they programmed card count on Super Moves? Also curious as to when one clicks Autofinish, does that count all the remaining cards? Do you get any points knocked off for using autofinish? Thank you

  • I’m of no use here. I’m a one-dimensional speed demon—or I was until certain recent developments changed everything. Now that I’m no longer perpetually seeking a distraction from the hideousness-of-the-day, the games on this great site no longer has the same allure for me...
    But I digress. I never figured out how the moves counter thinks much less developed any aptitude at recording low scores by that metric.
    @sierrarose: David has addressed how the Super Moves factor into the move Count on at least a couple of occasions:

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