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  • There was a moment of silence about 3-ish this morning here in Texas. Heartfelt cussing was quietly hissed (in respect for the other household members who did not yet know of this tragedy) and thoughts were said aloud (sometimes called "prayers") th…
  • Later, dude. Come back when you've learned the simple joy of legitimately winning a game of skill so that your default attitude when you lose isn't full-blown-nerd rage-quit.
  • Cici: so anyone who plays better than you is so very obviously cheating and anyone who's not as good as you obviously is a noob (first-timer who has no ideal what's going on or what they are suppose to be doing....think squirrel in the middle of th…
    in cheating Comment by Ironbear January 18
  • they've already got that game: Golf (it's toward the bottom of the list....just above Pyramid)
    in Canfield Comment by Ironbear January 7
  • Sea Towers games can be solved....just requires lots and lots of patience and you have to go at it like it's a puzzle and not something you're playing on auto-pilot (like a lot of us play the regular solitaire games, no?) HINT: only the kings can be…
  • i'm not saying it aloud and possibly hurting someone's feelings, but i am definitely thinking to myself that someone has a really awesome collection of participation trophies and has never a day in their life actually had to work to get something (e…
  • when i grow up, i want to be as awesome as riverrat55 and graeme are at handling folks / comments that make me--personally--wanna whack someone with a stick until they quit twitching, the stick breaks, or my arm gets tired....whichever comes first!!
  • more than once these card games have helped me keep my sanity and / or helped me work thru something bothering me. that being said: i compete against myself. and if i see someone who has a really good score on one of the games i play all the time? c…