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I recently added hopeless to my repertoire of games I play and cleared the board for the first time in the game of the day for a score of 4896. The top scores are over 20,000. Is there a way that you get to play another board if you clear one board or did I just not play well enough to achieve a good score. Which brings me to my next question. How are scores determined in the game.


  • Scoring works based on the number of blocks removed at a time. The formula varies with the version: [number of blocks] squared times [number of colors]. So in the 3-color version, 2 blocks earn you 12 points: (2x2)x3. Three blocks are good for 27 points: (3x3)x3. And 100 blocks will land you 30,000 points: (100x100)x3. In the 4-color version, the scores would be 16, 36, and 40,000, respectively.
    There’s no bonus for clearing every block.

  • Thank you for the good explanation. That changes the way I'll play the game, although trying to clear all the blocks is a good challenge itself.

  • Ditto-- appreciate the scoring explanation. I don't really "get" the strategy of this game yet, so I consider it a win if I clear the board. And I'm still on the Easy level! 🤔

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    The three color game will give you the best chance at high scores. The way to get high scores is first determine which color already has the most connected blocks and try to link as much of that color into one solid shape before removing it. This means try to remove the smallest connected blocks of other colors that will allow you to connect that color you chose. Once you do click on that large shape, pick the second color and see how much of it you can link together before removing it. Then finish with the remaining color.

    Tip: Sometimes you can link all of a single color before removing it, but doing so means you have removed too much of another color too soon. So, that means it would be better to give up a few blocks of the first color you could have linked, so that your second color can be joined in a larger shape, thus a larger score for removing your second color.

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